Omni-channel Order Fulfillment

Multi-dimensional order management software that interacts with every business component

Multi-warehouse Compatibility

Viandd Order Management System centralizes ordering, inventory, and fulfillment for multiple warehouse locations to give you greater efficiency with detailed insights for each channel.

End-to-end Order Management

Manage and deliver orders from across all your sales channels. Our platform is compatible with legacy systems and helps to automate internal processes from ordering through fulfillment.

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Fully Scalable & Sustainable

Eliminate manual processes with automation across multiple ordering channels with a customizable, scalable, and reliable order management system to meet the needs of your business.

Smart POS

Single point of service for all your eCommerce needs

Fully Integrated Ordering Suite

Viandd's Order Management System is a holistic ordering system that digitally integrates three key strategies in eCommcerce : Online Ordering, On-Premise Ordering and Partner Integrations.

Online Payments made easy

Set up and integrate your payment gateways to start receiving online payments right away. Switch to an easy, secure, and convenient mode of accepting payments from your customers.

Meeting Customer Needs

Enhance the ordering experience at all touch points during the customer lifecycle. Viandd empowers multiple technologies to cohesively operate and improve satisfaction among your customers.

Integration with third-party aggregators

All your online orders from website, mobile app & third party aggregators on a single interface.

Have orders coming in multiple aggregators? Get all of them in one place, receive orders, process orders and send to your staff. Assign orders to delivery agents, collect and settle payments for every order coming in from individual channels. Generate end of the day reports and get detailed insights about your business from a broader perspective.

Delivery & Logistics Management

With complete control until order fulfillment

Manage delivery agents

Manage delivery agents, assign orders and track them from a single powerful portal.

Real time tracking

Track your delivery agents in real time and monitor their order status efficiently.

Settle payments

Settle Cash on Delivery payments on time from delivery agents.

Real time Analytics

To help you make better informed decisions and generate ROI and improve bottomline profits

Customer insights

Get complete information about your customer who orders online from any sales channel. Leverage this data and send them personalised offers and recommendations.

Understand sales patterns

Get detailed business reports about what products sold the most for the day or for the month, based on how you would like it. Prepare your stock with the most sold products.

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Multi-store reporting

All your stores get individually generated reports that uncover customers, sales analytics and business trends. Improve on overall business operations with this data.

Inventory Management

Update inventory levels across systems and sales channels

Simplify Inventory control

Create purchase orders, make price adjustments, track packs & sizes across multiple warehouses, stay up to date.

Suppliers & Vendors

Bring all your suppliers in one place. Quickly access a list of consolidated products from each supplier from a master list.

Product Costing

Maintain costing details of all products in inventory and calculate the net profit and sales across multiple stores.

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